Corona updates

UAE Infections and Active Cases from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021

Why do the vaccines not work?

Everyone is vaccinating its populations with a vaccine what doesn’t work! Are Emmanuel Macron and I the only ones who sees this?

The Corona Guinea Pig Israel – a Case Study

Israel is at the moment the world champion of the vaccination programs in the world. It managed to vaccinate 52.16% of the population (4,634,427), and is currently reaching the (theoretical) part of 59% herd immunity ( 4,634,427 vaccinated people and with 633,991 people who were infected), they have 5,268,418 people immune, and so 59% of the population.

Italy Infections and Active Cases from 23 February 2020 till 22 January 2021

Changes in Infections for eight countries!

There are some interesting trends between the US, UK, UAE, Italy, Israel, India, Germany and France, which brings the hope back for some indication that the vaccines are working (for some countries). Whatever is the case, see for yourself.


Vaccination Campaign Updates Database

The first possible signs of improvement because of the vaccine might be already noticeable in Israel. Furthermore, some countries are good and others are bad about vaccinating their own populations.

Corona Problem Countries in May 2020

With the temperature chart about completion rates its very easy which countries are in trouble and which are not. Anyway, we’re talking about Belgium because of its decrease of recovery cases, Brazil with the — out of control — new infections, the same for Canada, and the dreadful number of new dead (every day 2,465 exactly), Colombia with the out of control new infections and decrease of health care, the Dominican Republic with the unstable number of new infections, Ecuador with the out of control new infections and failing health system and the out of control deaths, Egypt with the out of control new infections, India with the out of control new infections and cases of new deaths, Japan has problems with the recovery rate, which is decreasing and the number of death increased, Luxembourg with its failing health and recovery rates, Mexico with the out of control new infections, the Netherlands, which is draining slowly to death with of several years long corona infections, Norway’s supplied data are not correct, Pakistan has out of control infections, Peru too and a disintegrating health system, Portugal has problems too with its failing health system, Russia has its new infections out of control and has troubles with its health system, South Korea has now an underperforming a health system, the same with Spain, Switzerland and the US.

Completion last 15 days, May 6, 2020

Coronavirus Updates for May 6, 2020

Updated statistical data (May 6, 2020) about the corona virus for 50 countries. The virus originated from China, beginning November 2019. From there it spread throughout the country and the world. China distorted and shaped the vital data, which is normally used to determine the threat level for any country and region in the world. For that reason only, China is responsible to allow this pandemic go out of control, causing directly worldwide extermination of lives, health, communities, economies and the social communities. This pandemic threatens the existence of countries and communities all over the world.

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