History of the Middle East in Maps

For a better understanding, there must be knowledge of the past in the Middle East. That history shaped the world history, because many of those empires also crossed multiple boards throughout the world. There was even the biggest empire of the world involved in the Middle East and threatened even to overrun Europe. But what better to tell the history of the Middle East by pictures (of maps).

Countries Acknowledgement of Armenian Genocide

You have an evil, cynical villain, a politician with the name of Obama, who is making fun and is playing his word games, not caring at all about the suffering of others, not even caring about anything. He belongs to the same type of politicians, who ordered genocides, the type without conscious, without scrutiny, without care. Those types are very much aware that it’s the nature of humans as a race to let genocide happen, as it happened before, and will happen in future. History is full with genocides. Those types know how to play the emotions of the masses as a violin player, to manipulate them, to force people to do things they want.

Mongolian Empire of death

Basically, the Mongols wiped out everyone from urban areas, unless they submitted to the Mongols. They had the choice between joining or dieing. In addition to these tactics, their speed of expansion was facilitated by military hardiness, military skill, meritocracy, and discipline. They managed to create the largest contiguous land empire in the known human history and to wipe out more then 50 million people!

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