Why is America Playing the World’s Policeman?

Over time, many people wonder and complaining what the USA is doing in Syria. The same for any other hotspot somewhere on earth, which is not America. They complain bitterly why this all is needed and why the Americans need to play the world’s policeman.
This article will show several examples what happened when America didn’t act like the policeman of the world and led to serious problems at the southern border, because that issue is all related what happened in the Middle East.
The article further tells about the relation of bad things happening in the world and how it threatens the existence of the US.

End of Socialism and Communism

Children and pensioners aren’t paying taxes or pensions or social security. Children are too young to work and older children (suppose to) study. Pensioners are receiving their pension, and in principle, they don’t work, so they don’t pay taxes, just like our kids. The workers though are (suppose to be) working and when they do, they pay taxes. It’s the only group in our population who pays for the children and pensioners and themselves … and the medical care for all, and the social securities, social welfare, infrastructure, army, the government, etc. etc.

And what do we get when things go wrong? Abortion? Forbidden. Medical insurance? Gone, only private insurance if you can pay or bad luck. Want to go on pension? Ah. Sure, but only when you’re 80+ or 90+. Heavy criminal? No jail for the sucker anymore, death penalty. Social welfare? Sure, it’s still there, but strongly reformed. Education? Still there, but if you don’t produce a high enough grade, you’re going to work.
Unemployed? Okay, tragic and you will be put to work, if you like it or not. Borders? For sure there will be and they will contain those beautiful walls to keep everyone out … and everyone in (especially those who are working). Immigrants? Where? Buy them if needed, but those will be a rare commodity. Taxes? Be prepared to pay 80%+

Socialism stands for production, distribution, and exchange owned or regulated by the community. Or someone also labeled it like “spending someone else’s money”. That doesn’t match with the things mentioned above (like women become baby machines again, forbidden abortions, etc.), but socialism stands for big government and high taxes Welfare and education will not be a right, but more of a duty; any failure means extreme measures and even expulsions.


UPDATED: What’s Going On There at the UK?

Crime is up, rape is up, robbery is up, killings and murders are up, grooming is up, knife attacks are up, gun attacks are up, domestic abuse is up, acid attacks are up, burglaries are up, assassinations and child killings are up, human trafficking is up, human slavery is up, kidnappings are up and the list goes on and on. That’s not the worst. The police fails also to report 20% of all crimes in cases (we’re talking about tens of thousands of crimes), it also claims that data crimes are very important and the police invest loads of resources on that (instead of real crimes). Moped related crimes are staggering in the UK, unopposed, unhindered and unstoppable crime waves straight on the streets of the UK. Masked thugs are using scooters and motorbikes to carry out acid attacks, muggings and jewellery raids. The violent crimes are bringing terror to the streets of the UK. Only in London itself, 60 violent attacks are performed by the moped related crimes, and that’s not included the ‘normal’ crimes exploding on the streets.

Is Hillery Clinton responsible for the Refuge crisis in Syria?

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton Dec 11 of being responsible for the refugee crisis that led “hundreds of thousands or maybe millions” of Syrians and Iraqis to flee their homes. He continues with: “And she calls me dangerous?” referring to Clinton’s secretary of state tenure, during a closed-door Pennsylvania Republican Party event at the Plaza Hotel, according to attendees.

Passivity is a Curse

On broad daylight on a public beach, full of people, a girl of 13 was drugged and gang raped by six men. Everyone saw it, nobody did anything, nobody interfered. An Arab father was beating his eleven year old son in front of a store in Texas. Nobody interfered; there were at least forty witnesses. …

Passivity is a Curse Read More »

Mass Murderer President Bashar al-Assad

How can the ‘free world’ sit at home and allow their governments to extend this war and slaughter of people to happen? It gets even worse, the US is involved in supporting specific terrorists groups from the beginning of the civil war. By playing in a shadow war, they hoped to influence the slaughter instead of stopping it and stay out of this mess. We are talking about millions of dollars being wasted on weapons, arming terrorist groups. How stupid can you be? How can the President of the United States murmuring something about peace and more of such bull, while in truth he’s nothing else then a hypocrite. He is one of those dark figures, who are supporting terror organizations directly and publicly, and helps to prolong a destructive war and causes the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians and causes the stream of millions of refugees and helps 13.5 million people in Syria in the dire need of humanitarian help.

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