Hello, I’m William. I’m an Information Analyst

All-round consultant with 35 years of experience in commerce, IT, security and research. This work means creating reports, analyzing data, troubleshooting, researching and fixing issues. Furthermore consulting, adviser, teaching, managing, setting up social networks, product management and project management work all over the world. The work is mainly virtual (with Corona and such).

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Et operatur, non dant

Creating reports, analyzing data, troubleshooting, researching, investigations and fixing issues. Furthermore consulting, adviser, teaching, managing, setting up social networks, product and project management. Or take over problem projects. In principle, the work is mainly virtual (with Corona and such).

Project Management

To start or to take over problem projects and get the job done.

That means a full project cycle in the right way, from requirements, specifications, scheduling, statistics, deliveries and post project analysis. Science and engineering in project management.

Marketing Campaigns

Sales = Exchange money for products or services.

Marketing = Bring customers to sales.

I find the custers. It might be that I must chance the organization too get the customers though …

Social Media integration

You want “social media”? I can arrange that for you, your company, department and/or institution.

That means within a day, you’ll be known in the Internet and that will only grow.


You give me a problem, or a situation or subject for research

As long as it’s in the scope, I do the research. If it’s not in my professional scope, I delegate and oversee the research.

Teaching & Tutoring

With my long experience in teaching and tutoring, it’s rather nice and enjoyable for me to do that. If the materials are not alright, I make them myself. If it doesn’t exist, Ii create the courseware too.

Business Plan

The cornerstone of business … and R&D too. That’s the basics, according IBM University London System Analysis.

And indeed, for whatever reason, business plans need to be created. And not some dumb MS word file, but a full blown interactive business plan application.

I Will Help Making Money with Concept & Results

In an effective way

Short work history

Begin End Title Company
2020 Now Virtual Assistant Freelance
2020 Now Information Analyst Isrotel Hotel Chain
2019 2020 Senior Programming Consultant IBM (Houston)
2016 2020 Web designer and maintenance Perfect Buildings
2016 2017 Web Design maintenance security and marketing Eagle Travels
2016 2017 Web design and marketing Pray2Jesus
2016 2017 Web design and marketing and inventory management Fairouzdesigner
2016 2016 Web designer marketing and maintenance Hotel Eden
2015 2018 Marketing Consultant Cana Guest House
2014 2020 Tour creator/operator Shalom Israel
2014 2016 Senior Blogger/Researcher The Washington Post
2013 2014 Manager Gagon (Hot house) LaSofa
2012 2013 English Teacher Various Arab schools in Jaffa
2010 2012 Researcher UN
2008 2013 Technical Marketing Consultant SQLink Group
2005 2008 Senior Developer and Researcher Motorola Mobility

Create websites within a hour

Especially static and marketing websites

30% of all websites in the Internet are made with WordPress.

With wordpress, a website is running in 20 minutes. The rest of the time is spend on putting the interface and content right.

But then it comes … the website needs to be finetuned for the visitors. And that’s loads of work, often taking at least 2-3 months of finetuning.

Modern Marketing

The Big Money is Made with Marketing. The Rest is Peanuts

Worldwide IoT spending surpassed $1 trillion this year

By 2025, the IoT trends suggest the number will rise to 75 billion devices

20.4 billion IoT devices online

With the closures, the robotization and automation, work for the majority of us has changed. Marketing must be changed too.

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