Benjamin Netanyahu

Competence or Incompetence?

I remember when Sharon sent a new Ambassador to England, who spoke only Arabic, French and Hebrew.
Or the time that they replaced the beach guards with people who couldn’t swim. Or assigning Lieberman as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Or the glorious Israeli army, who was defending Israel by bombing Gaza and ran out of ammunition. Or the more tragically lies. Politicians making the speeches about the fallen soldiers during the existence of Israel. Many of the killed soldiers were the result of incompetence of politicians, who didn’t do their job or simply caused undue conflict.

Strange things happening lately

If Netanyahu claims something, he’s right of course. He is the Prime Minister of Israel after all, and he sounds so manly with his theatrics and deep, sexy voice.

Obama is positioned on top of the increasingly isolated American administration, doing its best to become more and more embarrassed by the day. As a President he’s right of course, but his ‘strange’ behavior goes so extreme, that not many in the world believe in him and his administration. He managed what the doctor and Netanyahu could not do.

The commander and the intelligence

The commander is so important, because if the commander is not able, the army will fail.
If the commander is a civilian and in charge of a modern army, the army fails too. That what’s happening currently with the US and ISIS and what happened with Israel and Hamas.

UPDATE: Why are there so many death in Gaza?

Why are there so many civilian death during the current conflict within Gaza? Does the Israeli military have other options? Note The actual number of death reported by several Palestinian sources are highly suspect! The answer is yes. Read the article. In this article I discuss the military options, not politics, no legal issues, no …

UPDATE: Why are there so many death in Gaza? Read More »

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