Atomic explosion

Is Google Evil?

I own a mobile phone, a LG 4 phone to be precise. That phone runs on Android operating system and it runs great. Last week, someone asked me about a certain apartment in a small city nearby. I had no idea where it was and no idea how to come there, so I opened up my Google maps application and voila. The unbelievable ease from the moment I open the app; it knows – of course – exactly where I am. I type in the name of the city, followed by the street name and number, and voila, I know where it is. It also tells me how to come there by car, public transport, bicycle or walking, including detailed route descriptions and alternatives. And if that’s not enough, I can preview the house (where the apartment is located on the second floor) from my seat and watch the apartment from all sides. It’s amazing. My wife eyes are popping out and she wonders “How do they know that?”.