What’s up with Islam? – UPDATED

Do you know that the power of the pen or the written word is the most powerful power? More so then the sword? Or the atomic bomb? With the sword you can scare a few or kill a few. With the atomic bomb you can kill millions. But with the written word you can influence, even rule billions for thousands of years. In this article I discuss and explain the three world religions, so you understand what the problem is in the correct context.

Biggest Murders made in the Name of their Gods

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and thousands of other religions have one thing in common: Faith.
To give you everything, believe what the religion claims, do blindly what the religion demand without question. Most of the religions have their holy books or script.
Another thing they have in common. It’s the people, who are in charge of the religion. Those are the people, who often like to interpret their holy books according what they think is just according their religion.

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