How much of Corona pandemic is processed?

What do I mean with processed? We have cases. We deduct those who are recovered and died. What’s left is called active cases. The process of deducting the cases into active cases is called the ‘processing of the pandemic’. The end result must be no active cases anymore, because everyone is or recovered or has died. What it means for individual countries? It means that each country has an end date, the complete (or processed) rate and a percentage increase/decrease per day. How higher the last percentage, how faster the pandemic is gone.

How far is the pandemic?

Statistical computer models for the sake of getting relevant information about the corona pandemic (and for that matter, the weather prediction too) do not work reliable. They don’t give the specific information what we need. Does that mean that we don’t know when the pandemic will be finished, globally and locally? No. We can quite easily calculate how far the pandemic is, and with that, we can calculate the end date.

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