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Ongoing Wars all over the World 1

This article will describe the ongoing wars currently being fought from 2010 until now. It’s a threat to the world peace and everyone on earth when one of more conflicts goes out of control, like with ISIS.

Learn our lessons from World War I? No!

This article describes the World War I, politics, League of Nations, United Nations and the continuation of wars and conflicts. Did the world learned its lesson from the WW1? Many tried with the creation of League of Nations and United Nations, but the conflicts and wars are growing. The UN as organization is an absolute failure. The world as we know is slowly sinking in a pool of violence, genocide, war and passivity.

Death, death and more death. There seems to be no end

We have currently 62 countries in war with each other and 555 Militias-guerrillas and separatist groups involved, and that results into more then 10 million people who died. We have 37 regions and autonomous provinces that are struggling for Independence. Since the beginning of recorded history, around 3600 BC, over 14.500 major wars have killed about …

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