Corona and the lies

Worldwide Corona fiasco

It’s a different thing when you look at the corona pandemic based on the continents. How more the governments try to fight to pandemic, how more death, infections and suppression they accomplish. The same with the closures of the economies, how more they restrict the people in those economies, how higher the infections, death and suppression. This article goes into those differences between those continents.

Corona sniper

More than 61% of all corona death happens in Europe

The odd thing with the fight against the coronavirus is how more you confront it, how more infections and corona related death you get. That’s what the statistics are revealing. It’s like killing a mosquito with a huge elephant, or that the used medicine and cure are worse the pandemic. And above all, our desperate governments blindly have trusted the ill advise from the scientific community about the pandemic; they have established active policies based on that terrible advice! At present it evolves that it was plainly wrong and unintentionally made everything so much worse! We’re confronted directly with a possible looming existential threat! There is a desperate chance that we don’t make it as country because of an utterly destroyed or heavily damaged economy.

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