Virus infections

But do we see the effects of the virus already?

According the theory and assumptions, when a population will have a herd immunity of 60%, it is enough protected that the number of new infections will be drastic reduced and assumingly the pandemic will disappear. Reaching this percentage means that the 60% of the population is vaccinated and/or immune after infection and recovery. 


The looming danger of the rapidly spreading pandemic: mutations

When a host cell is infected (penetrated) by the coronavirus, the virus duplicates itself in about 12 hours (with the help of the host cell). The new virus particles duplicate itself again the next cycle. With one virus particle, you will have 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536, 4294967296, etc. virus particles. When there is no place in the cell for so many virus particles, they will be booted out of the cell and the host, and those will be used to infect other hosts, like you and I.

This doesn’t look good for the world

The world is set to explode. Military on high alert, the US is set to implode, populations under house arrest, pandemic expands …

Corona dominates life all the way

The Israeli lockdown variant

The Israeli government claimed that a national short term corona lockdown is needed in Israel to control the out-of-control infections and to bring the new infections back to under the thousand a day. They say the lockdown will only last two weeks … unless the newly infections are not under the thousand a day, than add another two weeks to the lockdown

Corona vaccine

Where is the Distrust in Vaccines coming from?

The authorities are deliriously announcing about the miracle, which is called science. The science managed to develop a vaccine in less then a year! Normally developing a vaccine takes many years to complete! They claim it’s the scientific achievement of the century. No, scrap that, all times!!! Distrust is growing

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