A Corona Lockdown is like the Cure is Worse than the Disease

Public health officials believe they can manage a virus through effective central planning (implementing lockdown of society and the like), but this is not true. Human behavior and action are incredibly complex, far too complex for bureaucrats and political officials to control through senseless policy directives. A national lockdown doesn’t help at all.

Corona sniper

More than 61% of all corona death happens in Europe

The odd thing with the fight against the coronavirus is how more you confront it, how more infections and corona related death you get. That’s what the statistics are revealing. It’s like killing a mosquito with a huge elephant, or that the used medicine and cure are worse the pandemic. And above all, our desperate governments blindly have trusted the ill advise from the scientific community about the pandemic; they have established active policies based on that terrible advice! At present it evolves that it was plainly wrong and unintentionally made everything so much worse! We’re confronted directly with a possible looming existential threat! There is a desperate chance that we don’t make it as country because of an utterly destroyed or heavily damaged economy.

Which country has the highest death-rates because of guns?

The average percentage of death caused by guns worldwide is 0.01%. Montenegro is the safest place to live if you afraid of guns and Guinea (West-Africa) is the unsafest place. With the current political situation in the US and the question of the dangers of guns in the US, the US ranks 88 on the list of 172 countries. Death by drug use, the US is ranked number 3 of 172 countries. Death by road traffic, the US is ranked 131 from the 172 countries. By death of suicide, the US is ranked 47 of the 172 countries. By death of violence, the US is ranked 85 from the 172 countries. I suggest that Mr. President Obama is stopping the politics and spend time and effort to reduce the numbers death by drugs and suicide. For journalists, it’s a very good idea to ask the candidates for the President elections what their programs are in those areas.

Your Security and your Government

Do you feel safe in your country? Do you think that your government is keeping you safe against terrorists and other attacks? Do you think that if terrorists wants to attack you or the citizens in your country, that they will succeed? With what can your government protect you the best in your opinion? If a terror attack occurs, do you think that your government must take revenge? Do you think that military action against terrorist countries will help to stop terror? Do you think that the US led coalition in Syria and Iraq is helping to reduce the ISIS? What do you think is the best option to destroy ISIS?

Incompetence of our Democratic Elected Leaders against Terror

There is something seriously wrong with the world at the moment. Currently, terror attacks are performed on us in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and even in the US for some time now and the democratic elected leaders are not stopping it. And they know, like everyone else in the world, who is doing it and where they are.

Why are our Democratically Voted Leaders still in Office?

ISIS and Assad is not only harming their own people (who cares, not?), also the international community! This year there are more then 800 people killed by them (ISIS). ISIS attacked 6 western and 8 Middle Eastern countries and it looks like they don’t stop. And they announced that they are coming for you! Our democratic elected leaders and governments let them continue. In Paris they killed more then 100 citizens. And what is France going to do to stop that? Empty words and some bombs? Is the ISIS stopped or going to be stopped? No, I don’t think so. Those people were killed because WE allow our governments to do so. Funny thing is, that our democratic elected governments are being paid with our tax money and allow them to be incompetent.

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