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Corona cartoon

Corona fatigue beyond believe

We’re all in the middle of the corona pandemic, which is running and ruining our lives already for ten months and the end is not in sight, despite the announcement of the arrival of a not tested corona vaccine. The problem is not so much the pandemic by itself, but the contradicting statements of the government and the medical authorities, who seem to run the show and govern our societies and communities, and all of it in the new religion called “the Science”. All of that leads to the corona fatigue. People are really getting sick, but not of the coronavirus, but of the authorities, science and media.

Genocidal Warmonger, Racist, Prevaricator, Misogynist, Plutocrat, must be Killed …

When you notice the title, it’s not about our President Trump (this time). No, this is about the parts of the statements from the Democratic party, the left and the mainstream media about George W. Bush. A liar, league with the rich and powerful, being a conman, corrupt, spoiled, and much more was from Bill Clinton, his mainstream media and the Democratic party. Worst human being on earth, prevaricator, misogynist, plutocrat, should be assassinated for all of us, liar, cheat and that was from the Democratic party, the left and the mainstream media about George W. Bush. But we’re not finished, we have a warmonger, an unapologetic racist, a betrayer, a phony, affairs with lobbyists, phony POW in Vietnam, and too old, dumb, stupid, stubborn and scarred to be president to McCain by Barack Obama and his left, mainstream media and the Democratic party. And finally we have the Nazi, right-wing extremist, liar, corporate elitist, sexist, racist, draft-dodger, warmonger, reprehensible man on Earth by our familiar club against Romney, the Presidential candidate for the Republicans. And finally, we have the whole contents of the unofficial English cursing dictionaries towards President Trump, his family, his associates and his voters and much more, like harassment, death threats, rape-threats and the list goes on and on.

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