Which country has the highest death-rates because of guns?

The average percentage of death caused by guns worldwide is 0.01%. Montenegro is the safest place to live if you afraid of guns and Guinea (West-Africa) is the unsafest place. With the current political situation in the US and the question of the dangers of guns in the US, the US ranks 88 on the list of 172 countries. Death by drug use, the US is ranked number 3 of 172 countries. Death by road traffic, the US is ranked 131 from the 172 countries. By death of suicide, the US is ranked 47 of the 172 countries. By death of violence, the US is ranked 85 from the 172 countries. I suggest that Mr. President Obama is stopping the politics and spend time and effort to reduce the numbers death by drugs and suicide. For journalists, it’s a very good idea to ask the candidates for the President elections what their programs are in those areas.