Is Trump making un-American statements when he wants to bar Muslims coming into the country?

According the history of the US, no. He doesn’t. It’s getting worse, the United States of America had several laws created banning certain groups of people coming or immigrating to the United States. For example, in 1917, the entry was banned to the US for undesirables banned from entering the country, including but not limited to “homosexuals”, “idiots”, “feeble-minded persons”, “criminals”, “epileptics”, “insane persons”, alcoholics, “professional beggars”, all persons “mentally or physically defective”, polygamists, and anarchists. In 1924, the US severely restricted the immigration of Africans and outright banned the immigration of Arabs and Asians. So, what’s so different then what Trumps stated? And what’s so un-American on what Trump is saying?