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Corona Statistics Corruption

The government-corruption rules: they are supporting the pandemonium. The Influenza pandemic influences yearly 45% of the world, the Corona pandemic 0.15%. Now the world horrifies!

Corona and the lies

Worldwide Corona fiasco

It’s a different thing when you look at the corona pandemic based on the continents. How more the governments try to fight to pandemic, how more death, infections and suppression they accomplish. The same with the closures of the economies, how more they restrict the people in those economies, how higher the infections, death and suppression. This article goes into those differences between those continents.

Corona vs Influenza vs Pneumonia! Who ‘wins’?

All that fuzz about the coronavirus, what about influenza and pneumonia? Pneumonia causes so much more death corona! And hardly it’s mentioned this in the media, neither the so called scientific community. Nobody shuts down the economy because of pneumonia, nobody forces us the keep the social distance, no massive initiative to produce a vaccine, even after 2.5 million death per year because of pneumonia! Or if you want to compare it with corona for three months, corona causes 112,897 death and pneumonia causes about 640,000 death in the same period! and what about influenza? Each year there are 35.5 million people infected and 56,000 people die because of influenza! Not a word about it, all of the media are screaming about corona, how bad the governments are handling it, how terrible to die, how terrible to shutdown the economy, and the madness continues like this.


How many pandemics we all suffering from right now?

Well, we have the Chinese virus (or corona) pandemic, and we’ve the constant running (bacterial) pneumonia pandemic. What exactly are we talking about? With the coronavirus, we have about 1,200 people dying … worldwide and daily. With the pneumonia we have about 7,000 people dying … worldwide and daily. Something wrong with our perspective, or is it only me?

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