What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020

In 2020, an unfathomable amount of digital activity is occurring at any given moment. As Visual Capitalist’s Aran Ali details below, this ongoing explosion in activity is the aggregate output of 4.5 billion internet users today, a number that’s projected to increase even further in coming years. It’s simple unbelievable and it keeps becoming bigger literally by the minute.

The Dark Internet

The Dark Internet has also other names. A more proper name is “The Hidden Internet”. The Dark Internet is nothing else then a part of the Internet, which is not being indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Hence the name Hidden Internet. And the hidden Internet is much bigger then the Internet, which is known by the search engines. Actually, the hidden Internet is 10 times bigger then the known Internet. This number is not an actual fact, but an educated guess. Honestly, nobody knows it size.

World Leaders and Globalization

When I hear an American candidate for Presidency talking about the Middle East, I laugh. He even admits that he’s ignorant. “But”, he claims, “I will have many experts!” Oof. Not good. It sounds like Obama. In Israel there is the same situation. There are candidates, which are describing their view on Palestinian peace. They prove their ignorance as well. And then we have Netanyahu, who thinks about Iran the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep.

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