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The Rise of Middle East Extremism, Part III

At this moment, the conflict is being contained in a few countries, like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya.
In Lebanon there is still a government, but dominated by the Shi’ite flavored Syrian government, with Sunni and Shi’ite populations and Shi’ite extremist groups like Hezbollah, which is actively supported by Iran. Lebanon is looking wearily at the approaching ISIS and the incursions of Sunni insurgents in their territory. Iran and Saudi Arabia are providing military and financial support with the US in order to defends itself against the expected ISIS hordes.

The Rise of Middle East Extremism, Part I

Currently, many countries in the Middle East are in serious trouble, and the main reason is the decreasing price of the oil, the conflict between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims and the existence of Daesh and the Islamic State, covering large parts of Iraq and Syria. The decreasing price of oil means for many, still stable Middle Eastern countries, economical problems.

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