Islamic Law

Everyone MUST live under the Islamic Law … or DIE!

The Islamic Law is part of the Islam and can’t be separated. The Islamic Law applies to the lives of Muslims (sexuality, food, rituals, leisure activities, dress, hygiene etc.). The Islamic Law not only describes those laws, but also supplies the rules for punishments, which must be implemented by the letter of the (Islamic) Law. What we all see happening in Syria, Africa and Iraq, the ISIS (and other Islamic Extremists) behead, stone and crucify people, and the reason is the Islamic Law. Furthermore, there is a strong trend of Muslims in host countries in Europe and the US, that they want to have the civil law replaced by the Islamic Law, even when they are clearly the minority. That this is a bad idea, is an understatement. This article describes what the Islamic Law means for people like you.

Islamic Law in none-Arabic and Muslim Countries

Many westerns (and others too) read (and watch on TV) about the barbaric practices like beheadings, stoning adulterers, floggings, amputating limbs and much more. For the westerns, that’s the ugly part of the Sharia or Islamic Law. ISIS is presenting the ugly part of the Sharia very well, and everyone knows about the beheadings. Saudi Arabia, which fully implements the Sharia, is beheading their criminals as well, and they are not alone! But you, dear reader from the west, must be aware that large part of your Muslim minority wants to implement the Sharia in your country! Look at the following statistics in this article.

Sharia or Islamic Law

I wrote in a previous article about Sharia, but this time I will go more in detail describing the Sharia. The Sharia is the moral code or religious law of a prophetic religion, and is largely associated with Islam. Sharia deals with various subjects like: crime, politics, economics, personal matters like sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, …

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