Mask styles

My blood screams for revenge!

Here we’re, locked up in our own homes, keeping the government rules and guidelines of social distancing, carrying a mask, my business closed and now bankrupt, my 55 people, who worked for me for years are now all jobless. And that’s what people see, but there is much more going on behind the closed doors of the locked up people: drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, domestic violence and suicides, and very soon a massive wave of homelessness. For what?

How to become a monster like ISIS in 5 easy steps

Are you able to behead a person? I mean cut his head of with a knife, sharp or not? Are you able to rape a woman and maybe bury her, but she is not dead yet. Or maybe you are in the mood to cut a child in half? Or maybe you like cutting someones fingers off? What do you say, castrate the man? Or cut out his heart and hold it in your hand for all to see? Do all of those things and you feel great doing it?

Lessons in Suffering 1

War. The extension of diplomacy, where soldiers fight a conflict instead of diplomats. A war can’t end without diplomats. A war can start many times without diplomats though, especially when started by ruthless people, like Hitler. What is war? Look it up in an encyclopedia if you want to know. What is more interesting is what war does to human life. This article tries to describe the effects of war on human life and it’s heavy reading. You are being warned.

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