To Be or Not to Be – Corona Fantasies and Hope for the Best

Daily new infections, hospitalizations, deaths, vaccinations and vaccines. What shall it be? One thing is for sure and that it is a confusing mess. One doctor says this, instantly contradicted by legions of other doctors. Politicians claiming victory about something they are not sure about. Lying and lazy governments going so far as ignoring, overreacting, falsificate corona related data, forcing people to be vaccinated and the list goes on and on. And we’re not talking about all that crazy unfounded scaremongering of the governments about the mutated coronaviruses.

Corona campaign

The Vaccination Race 2021

The vaccination race is on, finally. And what a race it will be. Currently in the first place is Israel with 3,361,226 vaccinations, 63% of the (herd immunity part) population (38% of population) and the country will be finished at February 12, 2021. The second place is the UAE, 2,339,078 vaccinated, 40% of the (herd immunity part) population (25% of population) and the country will be finished at March 23, 2021. At number 4, we see Gibraltar, number 5 Seychelles, number 6 the UK and finally on number 7 the US.


Vaccination Campaign Updates Database

The first possible signs of improvement because of the vaccine might be already noticeable in Israel. Furthermore, some countries are good and others are bad about vaccinating their own populations.

This doesn’t look good for the world

The world is set to explode. Military on high alert, the US is set to implode, populations under house arrest, pandemic expands …

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