Silence of the lambs … Silence of the corona – the movie

A new Hollywood/Bollywood movie, starring our medical scientists, who are hunting a dreadful serial killer, “coronavirus”, who infects a tiny part of the population, but they can’t find it. Our stars uses a secret miracle weapon called the vaccine, which they inject on the potential victims, hoping that it will kill the serial killer.


The looming danger of the rapidly spreading pandemic: mutations

When a host cell is infected (penetrated) by the coronavirus, the virus duplicates itself in about 12 hours (with the help of the host cell). The new virus particles duplicate itself again the next cycle. With one virus particle, you will have 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536, 4294967296, etc. virus particles. When there is no place in the cell for so many virus particles, they will be booted out of the cell and the host, and those will be used to infect other hosts, like you and I.

I never saw such incompetence in my life

It’s unique in the history of humankind the display of stupidity, ignorance and incompetence on a global scale, causing the world tens, maybe hundreds of trillions of dollars in damages, which could easily be avoided by proper management and leadership. That’s the monetary damage, but the damage in the form of unnecessary deaths, economical hardship, economical downfall is beyond believe.


The Battle of the Coronavirus. Shall it conquer (edited)?

China is in he process of disintegrating, it’s falling apart. And I’m afraid that with its fall, it will drag the global trade and many industries with it, together with many other countries. At the 13th of March 2020, we will reach the millionth infected person and a week later two million, a couple of days later we have then the three till four million infected people with hundreds of thousands of death.

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